This+That Update

Download the new update here:

What’s New in Version 1.3
Santa’s little elves have been busy bringing this BIG update!
We hope you like it:

-User can now add their own content.
-Add Words as Text or Emoticons!
-Add Words in any Language.
-Add many words fast. Copy and paste a list of words from Notepad or other sources(just separate with commas).
-Add words using microphone. You can also add many words fast using microphone(just say ‘comma’ after each words). The app will recognize and separate the items automatically.
-App will now “speak” the words using Siri’s voice in any language, including ‘emoticons’.
-Item counter on top will show how many words you have added.
-Added Lock Feature. Simply Click on a word to lock or unlock it.
-Sharing now hides the share button and edit button.

We are really excited to see how people will use This+That now that you can add your own content.
Besides coming up with ideas, you can use it for games, educational purposes, etc.

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